Joy is an independent athlete, her beach volleyball career is supported and funded by commercial partnerships. Joy is currently connected to an exclusive circle of brand partners, sponsors, suppliers and charities.


Trusted, Unique en Inspiring, that’s what TUI stands for. I love those values. The perfect brand partner and a great sponsor.

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Realize every day how valuable life is, that’s Dela’s core message. Not only a highly valued sponsor, but also an inspiring partner.

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KPN Sportfonds

KPN Sportfonds supports striking initiatives and unique unexpected performances. They challenge Marleen and me to put the Netherlands on the map.

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It is Nevobo’s mission to ensure that Dutch teams connect sustainably at the highest level. They help my team everywhere they can to bring us to the Olympics.

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A brand with courage and an outspoken identity. Dusseldorp MINI is my partner for maximum mobility.

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Who wants to be more confident or focused? Take a step towards realizing your ambitions.

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Let your body and mind relax completely. Nature Balance Massage helps me take time for myself, restore and reload.

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A vital lifestyle for everyone. B&B helps you find the right exercises with the right intensity.

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Shades, shades, shades. Only originals. Inside out specialists in protective eyewear.

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The healthy way. TORQ is here for everyone who seeks the optimum in endurance performance.

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A retail brand that is brought to you by passionate athletes.

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Beach volleyball and Joy Stubbe have proven to be effective brand associations. Joy is in the center of the beach volleyball community and associated creative scenes.
She is well spoken and promotes a self-aware and healthy lifestyle.

Key characteristics:

  • A high level of professionalism
  • Advocates the importance of authenticity
  • Great at building relationships
  • Established online presence


Her inner circle will agree: Joy Stubbe is indeed a joyful person, fun to be around, the light of the party.
She is not afraid to show her outgoing character and loves to interact with her fans.

But there is so much more to the picture. Stubbe is a self-aware and confident woman who follows instinct and dares to make gut decisions. She’s a person with high moral standards and who is very loyal to family and friends.

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When I was 7 years old I went to Gstaad with my family to watch the World Championships. It was amazing, watching the finals in a full stadium, the crowd going wild and feeling the vibes of Beach Volleyball. My dad asked me: do you want to play beach volleyball?
I replied: no, I want to be on that podium, being the best player in the world!


Last year was the first season I played with Marleen van Iersel. We decided to start our own program so we could have maximum control over our journey to the Olympic Games in Tokyo 2020. Our biggest goal is to fight for a medal, which means work hard every day, physically and mentally. Follow our #VanhiertotTokyo updates


Still want to be the best in the world? Oh, yeah! But beach volleyball has become more than chasing medals or podiums. I have learned so much being an athlete. I want to learn so much more, experience more growth and share more exciting moments with my loved ones. Beach volleyball has become my lifestyle, I am beach volleyball.

The sand is my stage.
I am beach volleyball.